Fashionable Long Angled Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

Fashionable Long Angled Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

Long angled bob haircuts are classy and fashionable and they are currently gaining a lot of popularity among ladies. If styled perfectly, the bobs rock all hair types. Specifically, they are ideal for women with round or oval faces. Nevertheless, ladies with heart, squire and triangular-shaped faces can also pick the perfect angled bob cut according to their face shapes. Also, you can check here for more inspiration.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of an angled bob or you are just taking a peep through them, you are reading the right page. We have an exclusive list of the best and stylish long angled bob haircuts to transform your looks. Of most importance is to understand your face shape and hair type before making your selection. We are sure you will get the one to complement your personality and fashion style.

  1. Long And Side Swept.

If you have a round face this long angled bob could be what you want to look and feel great. The hair is trimmed very short at the back, and the frontal layers are kept longer. The hair at the back is layered. Creating this bob is complicated, but once it’s done, it creates a long-lasting impact.

  1. Shoulder Length Bob.

This bob is the most common long angled bob haircuts. The locks ate trimmed a little shorter at the back and gradually elongates as they approach the front. This is a suitable haircut for women with straight hair, regardless of the thickness. Regular styling is needed.

  1. Asymmetry.

Standard angled bobs are characterised by shorter layers in the back that dramatically becomes longer as it approaches the front. The haircut also has a symmetry variation. Most of the strands in the front are trimmed short to make a triangular look. Try this out!

  1. Ombre.

Ombres appeal is fabulous on most hairstyles. So, what is holding you back to try one long angled bob today? Apply dye to your bangs and allow the strands with a darker colour to cascade past the chin-length than the rest of the strands. This gives you a new and fresh look you will surely love.

  1. Blonde And Long

Blonde is a good preference colour for ladies with a long haircut. Always this colour boosts the volume to long manes hence making the haircut low-maintenance.

  1. Raven Black And Bangs

Raven black messy hairstyle is termed as attractive one. If you are after long bob haircut, this style will be an excellent choice, and since a bob hair is often hard to maintain, selection of this colour will save you from the worries of regular maintenance.

  1. Creative Highlights

For your angled bob to be captivating, opt for the creative highlights. This is the right hairstyle for women who want to be the centre of attention.