How to Keep Yourself Healthy Despite Heavy Workloads

Every kind of job has its own set of challenges, even the ones that most people think are too easy for the average person to do. However, there’s no denying that some jobs are tougher than others, especially those that require employees have to deal with near-constant stress as there are tight deadlines to meet and several tasks to juggle. If you find yourself doing overtime and perhaps even double shifts so that you can keep up with the demands of your job, both your physical and mental health can become compromised. All hope’s not lost though as you can keep yourself healthy despite your heavy workload by doing the following:

  1. Take a short break and do some stretching after you’ve finished a certain task.

Despite having lunch and snack breaks in place, your job might still find you sitting in your office chair too often for hours.

  • Instead of spending your working hours seated with only your fingers moving while you’re doing your tasks, you should take a breather after finishing a certain task. You can do some stretching exercises without having to leave the four walls of your office (or home if you’re in a home-based job).
  • You can walk around for a bit as well so that you won’t be limited to simply doing seated stretching exercises. Your colleagues and supervisor wouldn’t mind at all as long as you can still do your job properly afterward.

  1. Consider undergoing counseling and psychotherapy.

The heavy workload that you’re struggling to get off of your plate might be a result of your workaholic tendencies wherein all you think about is work and not much else.

  • Of course, anyone holding down a job should always do their absolute best while at work. But if you find yourself regularly sacrificing your lunch and snack breaks or even your days off of work so that you can finish certain tasks assigned for you to do, it’s a possible sign that you’ve become a workaholic which is, in fact, counterproductive.
  • You might want to visit a psychiatrist who can tap into the root of why you’re unconsciously subjecting yourself to too much work without giving any consideration to your body’s tolerance for workplace stress.

  1. Learn how to say no if you feel that you’re getting too bogged down by your heavy workload.

Sometimes, your heavy workload might be due to your shyness to tell your supervisor that they’ve given you too much work to do which can cause you to perform poorly. There’s no harm at all in saying no to some tasks that your supervisor assigns for you to do as long as you can give them a strong and valid reason for your refusal to do them.

According to a survey conducted by Everest College last 2013, 83% of all employed people in the United States have succumbed to workplace stress. Doing too many tasks all at once isn’t fun as it can put your overall health at risk which can force you to call in sick or end up with chronic health problems. Thankfully, even as you’re facing heavy workloads most of the time, you can still keep yourself healthy by following the above-listed tips. However, if you feel that your supervisor is abusing you by giving you too much work to do, you may take legal action against them with the help of an employment lawyer.