Illegal Drugs and How They Can Affect Your Health

Drugs and pop culture are normally tied together, and it is part of the reason we see many people abusing drugs.

Being straight edge may not be your thing at all as normal equals boring for you. That’s why you’ve started taking illegal drugs to express your rebellion against society at large and fit in with your fellow rebels as well (which is frankly ironic, but you do you). Unlike most illegal drug users you know who have since succumbed to addiction and neglected themselves so much that even you wouldn’t dare get within spitting distance of them, you may have been more in control with your illegal drug use. Still, it’s no secret at all that illegal drugs can negatively affect your health in the following ways:

  • Using illegal drugs can either increase or decrease your heart rate.

Regardless if you’re currently taking a stimulant or a depressant, using illegal drugs can bring unwanted changes to your normal heart rate which can make you susceptible to arrhythmia, cardiac arrest and stroke even if your family doesn’t have a prior history of any heart diseases at all.


  • Using illegal drugs can cause you to excessively sweat.

Most people who don’t use any illegal drugs don’t sweat that much during cold months. On the other hand, your use of illegal drugs might have been making you sweat profusely even in the dead of winter which is bad for you as it’s also one possible sign of gradual dehydration.


  • Using illegal drugs can turn you into a rail-thin person due to malnutrition.

Illegal drugs are habit-forming as what might once have been only a single hit per day can become a craving that you can’t control anymore. In fact, you may have been spending most of your time taking illegal drugs in place of eating the usual three meals per day. Depriving yourself of proper nutrition because you feel the need to use illegal drugs can make you lose your appetite and your weight to sharply drop until you look less like a person and more like a living corpse.


  • Using illegal drugs can make you more prone to having mental health issues.

The organ that’s most impacted by your use of illegal drugs is your brain. Taking illegal drugs makes you host to several mental health concerns including but not limited to anxiety, depression, loss of both short- and long-term memory as well as focus, and harboring thoughts of inflicting self-harm or committing suicide.

According to a survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration last 2013, more than 20 million Americans 12 years old and above have used illegal drugs which goes to show how large-scale an epidemic drug abuse is. The above-listed health effects of using illegal drugs should make you wake up to the realization that drug abuse only makes you ill and can even get you into deep trouble if you get yourself arrested for possession of illegal drugs in which case you’ll have to hire a lawyer to get you out of jail. It’s never too late for you to live a drug-free life, but you should start doing it right after you’re done reading this.

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