Merchant Advice – How B2B eCommerce Can Increase Site Traffic


B2B eCommerce: Here's What Every B2B Company Needs to Know

Simply put, B2B eCommerce, also called wholesale of Commerce, is commerce between individual business consumers, rather than between a specific business and a single consumer (B2C). The advantages of B2B by eCommerce offer many advantages to sellers, including the ability to penetrate a whole new set of consumers (clients), streamline your everyday sales processes so that your business is more efficient…and just plain easier to run. This type of commerce is usually conducted through a third-party website host provider. This article will discuss some of the reasons why you may wish to use a B2B eCommerce solution for your eCommerce site.


One of the biggest advantages of using a b2b ecommerce platform is that it allows you to extend your customer lifetime. Many hosting providers provide features such as customer lifetime value, return/satisfaction policies, and more. By using a b2b business operation solution, you will be able to create a customer lifetime value plan where you can offer products or services that are of value to your customers, and charge them based on how satisfied they are. Also, by using a b2b business solutions provider, you can manage your entire business operations more efficiently and save money in the long run.

Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce integrations are becoming more popular among online merchants. The biggest reason behind this is because it provides one-stop shopping for your clients. If you are an eCommerce site owner, you know how important it is to be able to offer all of your customers experiences when purchasing products and services. Purchasing a license for your eCommerce software and integrating it into your website enables you to offer everything from product reviews to customer service. Insitecommerce integration also gives your clients the chance to purchase items even before checkout, and you can also integrate the system with your existing ERP system.

Provide Complete Support

Most eCommerce platforms provide complete support for back-end operations, which include shopping cart optimization, web analytics, login management, order fulfillment, and more. These activities make operating a highly successful online business very manageable and effective, and most of these solutions are available at absolutely no cost to the merchant. One of the best characteristics of the open-source framework for integrating with a server is the flexibility and modularity that it provides. The open-source CMS is well designed to allow merchants to access the full potential of their site without having to invest in high-quality eCommerce web development software. Since open-source CMS maintains a low level of overhead, there is virtually no cost involved in maintaining the application and it’s up to the merchant to make the final decision on what types of maintenance they may require.

Shopping Cart

Another feature that most businesses find extremely useful is the suite-commerce shopping cart. This shopping cart is one of the most important features of any b2b eCommerce platform and purchasing a suite-commerce solution allows merchants to quickly incorporate it into their website without too many questions or concerns. There are several different extensions that merchants can choose from, but the most popular include Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress. All of these extensions provide different functions that may be required by the site, and all of them are available at no charge to the merchant.


One feature that a lot of merchants don’t realize is that they can create custom landing pages that appear just like the home page of their website. To do this, a merchant must install a plugin called Tradegecko, which makes it possible for them to create custom landing pages that will appear just like the ones that customers see when they are browsing through their favorite websites. Using a combination of extensions and custom landing pages, merchants can quickly attract more b2b customers. They can also increase the number of sales that they earn, and they can help their sites retain their rank in search engine results.

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