Signs of a Delayed Internal Injury You Should Be Aware of

You were driving your way back home when another car failed to stop at a red light. Within seconds you found yourself caught in an accident. But instead of seeing a doctor, you decided to hail a cab and tell the driver to take you to your house. After all, doctors’ consultation fees alone cost money that you could’ve used to buy food instead, so why even bother, right? However, a few days or even weeks after the vehicular accident that you got yourself caught in, you suddenly felt some sharp pain in your insides. That right there could be a delayed internal injury, and here are some signs that you should be aware of:

  1. Headaches

You may have already been taking some over the counter pain relief medication to provide relief for the constant headaches that you’ve been experiencing as of late. However, it was while reading this that you’ve suddenly remembered about the vehicular accident that happened just days before.

  • Those constant headaches that you’re experiencing may be due to your head sustaining some blunt force trauma after getting caught in a vehicular accident.
  • Injuries to your head may range from whiplash affecting your neck to a crack that your skull had received, and could even be a blood clot after your brain had experienced internal hemorrhaging.

  1. Abdominal pain

You may also have been experiencing some stomach pain that no amount of anti-motility medication can take away.

  • Even if you’ve had your torso protected with a three-point seatbelt, your abdominal area may not have taken as kindly to the shock upon impact after you’ve gotten yourself caught in an accident.
  • The vehicular accident-related abdominal pain that you’re experiencing may range from internal bleeding to damage to your vital organs.

  1. Back pain

Perhaps the easiest to mistake for a work-related injury, especially if you find yourself seated in an office chair for hours, the back pain that you’re experiencing may, in fact, be caused by the vehicular accident that happened to you.

  • Your upper back connects to your head and neck, so any injury that both of them have is most likely to reach to that area as well.
  • It may also be that some of the bones in the lower portion of your spinal column got damaged despite having worn a three-point seatbelt at the time of your vehicular accident.

20 to 50 million people all over the world get either injured or disabled every year after getting caught in a vehicular accident. However, not every single person in tha statistic gets injured the same way as some of them might have initially thought that they were fine until they started feeling extreme pain days or weeks after. If you skipped going to a doctor to have yourself checked after getting caught in an accident, you should read the above-listed signs of a delayed internal injury that you might want to check if you have. You’ll want to consult a lawyer as well to help you earn your rightful compensation which you can use to have your internal injuries treated as soon as possible.