One out of several ways to commute around Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is via buses operated by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA. However, like most buses, the MARTA bus is more prone to getting involved in an accident given its sheer size which makes maneuvering it a bit more difficult compared to other smaller vehicles. If you’ve gotten yourself caught in an accident with a MARTA bus and you’re currently recovering in some hospital after having your injuries medically treated, here are some tips on how you can get your health back to normal so that you can resume your daily routine:

  1. Attend all of your physical rehab sessions.

The MARTA bus accident that you became a victim of may have left you with physical injuries so severe that you’re now immobile.

  • You may be experiencing lower body paralysis at the moment which may force you to use a wheelchair. But as you surely don’t want to be wheelchair-bound forever, you should commit to undergoing physical therapy where you’ll get taught how to walk again little by little until you can do it without needing assistance from anyone.
  • Doing simple tasks like eating food and holding objects may have also become too much of a challenge for you. By undergoing occupational therapy, you’ll get taught how to do most day-to-day activities which will eventually become useful once you get back to your normal life.
  1. Visit a psychiatrist.

The MARTA bus accident that you got caught in may have left not only physical but mental trauma as well.

  • Seeking help from a psychiatrist allows you to get rid of your mental trauma surrounding the accident faster compared to dealing with it by your lonesome.
  • Your psychiatrist may try various approaches to return your mindset back to normal, from cognitive behavioral therapy to self-hypnosis, depending on the extent of your mental trauma.
  1. File a compensation claim against the insurance provider of the MARTA bus driver who caused the accident to happen to you.

Your medical and hospital bills may have already gone beyond your insurance’s maximum coverage limit, and even if you pay out of pocket, it’s still not enough.

  • Aside from your health, you’ll also want to recover your finances from the MARTA bus accident that you fell victim to. Be aware that you have the legal right to ask for your rightful compensation.
  • If the driver of the MARTA bus committed negligence while operating the said vehicle, you can file a compensation claim against their insurance provider.
  • You’ll want to seek legal counsel from an attorney while filing for compensation though so that you can have a better chance of earning it.

With an average total daily ridership of more than 500,000 passengers, the MARTA bus has provided both residents of and visitors to Atlanta, Georgia with a reliable mode of public transport. However, the MARTA bus isn’t without its fair share of accidents. In fact, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported about someone who got killed after being caught in a head-on collision with a MARTA bus. You may still be alive right now, but having been caught in an accident with a MARTA bus yourself has left you with some injuries that have yet to heal fully. To get your health back to normal, you should apply the above-listed tips right after you’re done reading this,and you can click here to get the assistance of a lawyer.