Most people find parties without any alcohol being served there boring, and with good reason. After all, being the great social lubricant that it is, alcohol can easily turn someone like you who’s a bit too shy to talk to people into someone who can get along with anyone within sight. But every party comes to an end and you have to get yourself home afterward, which for you involves driving. However, more than the potential legal troubles that you’ll face after you’ve gotten yourself caught while drunk driving, you’ll also experience the following health risks that would make you want to take a cab to and from some party instead:

  1. Drunk driving can cause you to become increasingly addicted to alcohol in the long run.

Remember those TV ads for alcohol brands where the two words “Drink moderately” are mentioned at the end? If you don’t, then maybe you’ve willfully ignored those two words and tried to test how much alcohol your body can take as well as how sharp your driving skills still are despite the amount of alcohol in your system. However, forcing both your mind and body to put up with the copious amounts of alcohol that you drink can get you closer to destroying not only your health but your driving skills as well.

  1. Drunk driving can temporarily shut your mind down and lead you to drive erratically.

You might have been taking pride in doing most of your day-to-day activities so skillfully that you know everything that needs to get done like the back of your hand. Every single time you drive however requires intense focus and concentration as even a small, stupid mistake on your end can take your life away.

  • Alcohol may initially make you alert and chatty, but after the sharp spike in energy comes an equally sharp drop which can cause your mind to set itself into sleep mode. If you’re wondering why you can’t remember any of your embarrassing behavior from some party where you drank too much, there’s your explanation.
  • Aside from displaying embarrassing behavior, driving while drunk can also cause you to make way too many mistakes behind the wheel since your mind can’t figure out which is which anymore.

  1. Drunk driving can inflict severe physical injuries on you that may cut your life tragically short.

An awful consequence of drunk driving is that you may suddenly sustain severe physical injuries after getting caught in an accident which may require you to undergo extensive medical treatment and perhaps even subsequent physical and occupational therapy. You can still consider yourself lucky should that ever happen to you as some drunk drivers get killed after being on the receiving end of a vehicular accident.

The United States Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics has noted that more than 100 million drunk driving episodes occurred back in 2010. Regardless if you’re an occasional or hard drinker, alcohol and driving simply don’t go together at all. Aside from getting you in trouble with the law, in which case you’ll have to seek counsel from a lawyer who can do something about the DUI (driving under the influence) rap that you might face, drunk driving carries the above-listed health risks that should deter you from doing it. Parties with alcohol should be fun events after all, not ones that can send you straight into disaster.